Our Pledge

The fundamental reason we created DSC was to improve your betting. We wanted your betting decisions to be more informed. We wanted to make it clearer and easier to pick out winning lines. Essentially, we wanted to give you confidence when making a bet.

It is true that even the soundest looking bets will lose. If you cannot accept there will be losses, betting is not for you. But our presentation of statistics and all round service means that if you bet with discipline and stick to a staking plan, you will make profit long term.

We have enough experience to prove this and this allows us to believe in what we do. That said, we are hungry and determined to improve what we offer.

Another aim for us was to help change the betting habits for all of us. Feeling upset after a loss can cause you to stake heavier and chase the next bet. THIS WILL ALWAYS END IN TEARS.

  • Flat staking
  • Patience allowing the right odds to arrive
  • Choices backed by our statistics
  • Waiting for our Corner/Goal alerts

The above habits should help you make a little money along the way whilst feeling relaxed about your betting. LET'S MAKE THIS FUN.

So what is the point to all of this?

We want all our members to be in profit month on month. We want you to improve your decision making and stay sensible. We believe this can be achieved if you take into account all that we have explained and shown. Our Pledge to you is after 30 days of using our service, you should* be in profit.

We believe in what we do, what we offer and the way we bet. We believe our services will yield you profit each month through SENSIBLE betting.

This Pledge applies to new and existing customers. This starts from today and we invite you to DM us on twitter or email us support@dailystatcards.com

* there are no guarantees in betting and gambling. Losses can happen.

Always Gamble Responsibly - 18+ Be Gamble Aware