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Using DSC cards for Bet Builders

Hello and welcome to the brief guide on how to use the cards from DSC to create your Bet
Builders. I am sure that the more experienced users of the site and service will already be
fully aware of the opportunities the cards can give you in order to build a successful bet. 

For those of you who are new, or are yet to venture down this route, then this quick guide will hopefully give you an idea of how to use the data to your advantage, in a step by step guide.

As a guide, I will be using one of the fixtures available to us today (10/11/2019) to take you
through how I go about picking the lines for mine. I will be using the Rosenborg v
Bodo/Glimt (19:00 KO)

Please, please remember that no matter how good the stats are behind your bet, you still
need the 22 players on the pitch to perform as they have previously, and a touch of lady
luck smiling down on you. Many curve balls can be thrown out during the 90 mins, and it is
always important to keep this in mind. No matter how good the stats are, NEVER break your staking plan, and NEVER lump on a single bet.

Step 1

When looking to build a bet myself, my first point of call on the DSC site is the HIGHLIGHTS
section. This is easily found under the TOOLS drop-down menu. In this area, you will find
games that have lines that are worth looking deeper into in order to build your bet,
highlighted by the LINES TO WATCH. These lines can be seen before you expand the card as shown below.

Step 2

Once you have identified a fixture that takes your fancy for a builder, expand the card via
the drop down arrow (next to the KO time for the fixture). All the data provided is now
easily seen, and easily defined with the colour coding and the % as you can see below.

Step 3

This is where we can now begin to build our bet, with all the information from the card in
front of you and clearly displayed. As I mentioned, I am using a game from the day of writing this, and the pictures used are from the card for this fixture. 

The first section we see is the corners. For this game, there is a fantastic set of stats surrounding the corner lines. Looking at the First Half Corners (FHC), we can see that the stats are good for both teams for 2+ and 3+ FHC (First Half Corners), whereas for 4+ and 5+ FHC, it is only strong on the home side (see below). My approach here is the same throughout the card, I like to give my builders a bit of breathing room. The stats may well be strong enough for 3+ FHC to be selected, but going down to 2+ FHC gives us that breathing room, knowing that 3+ FHC has a good chance of occurring. And with that in mind, the first line on the builder will be OVER 2 CORNERS IN THE 1ST HALF FOR BOTH TEAMS COMBINED.

I continue with this theory, until I have built a bet I am happy with based on the stats and
giving each line the breathing room that I like to. Working on this theory, the second line
added to the builder is Second Half Corners (SHC). OVER 4 CORNERS IN THE 2 ND HALF FOR BOTH TEAMS COMBINED is the line I am selecting. The data shows that 5+ SHC is strong for both home and away sides (see below), so going down one corner gives that breathing room.

The third line to be added will be the Match Corners (MC). Again, some very strong stats
here for both home and away (see below). With the same theory applied, I have selected

Despite the great stats at first glance, I will always have a look into the corner counts for
home and away at the bottom of the corner section. If you have a look here, you can
identify any possible banana skins. The card may have strong stats to back the line, but you may find that it is the most recent games that have brought it down, and if so, I will re-
evaluate the line and adjust accordingly. 

There is a slight concern for me here, being that the away side have recently had two games in a row where the first half has only seen 2 corners. However, I am happy to keep it in the builder due to the numbers seen by the home side (see below).

The last line I am selecting for this fixture is goals. “Goals change games”, an obvious quote
spouted by many a pundit. For this fixture, I am siding with the home to score. The final line to be added to the builder will be OVER 0 GOALS IN THE MATCH FOR ROSENBORG. The 80% chance of the home side scoring, combined with the 90% on the away side conceding, has taken my fancy. Given that home to score 2+ is at 70%, them to score once has taken my fancy (see below).

So, that has brought me to this builder for this game today (see below).

Given the positions of both in the league table, this should be a very tasty affair. Rosenborg need the points to stay in the mix of those above them, while they cannot finish top the still have the chance to finish second, but they must beat Glimt to have any chance of that. 

As for Glimt, they know a point here will end Rosenborgs chances of a top 2 finish, and also put them 3 points above Odd who sit in 3 rd . A win would mean they could still take the title, but they are very much dependant on others taking points of Molde at the top. 

Molde host strugglers Stromsgodset at home before these two play, and the result their will no doubt have an effect on the approaches of these two sides in this game this evening.

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