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It's all about discipline

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I wanted to put something together that after reading may make you think "Ohhhh, yes it's that simple" and hopefully make something click in your brain that changes your approach to betting.

Firstly, you may ask who am I to be giving out advice and telling you how to conduct your betting, well I'm not, because it's up to you how you go about your business, but I've learned the hard way and probably made every mistake in betting. So at least take the time to read this, after which you can make up your own mind, maybe you will even give my approach a try.

Why do we bet?

Quite a simple one to answer this for the majority, we want to win money, we think it's easy and we ALL think we can beat the bookies (Not even a thing by the way). Well let me tell you, you've lost already, give up now if that's your attitude, save yourself the time and money.

Now on the other hand, if your answer is I want to have fun, enjoy an acca (that satisfaction of landing one is a great feeling, especially when you show your mates or post on Twitter) and if I make some pocket money along the way then great, well guess what, you're halfway there to being successful in this game.

What makes a successful bettor?

Success is measured in many ways, but for me it's as simple as making some pocket money and having fun. If betting makes you stressed (in a negative way) then stop, if you get angry when a bet loses, then stop.

You don't have to make hundreds a day, or a thousand pound a month to be a successful bettor, if you're in profit at the end of the month then you have done very well, many people don't, and I believe this is mostly due to attitude. I say it many times but if you made 2 units a day (and for arguments sake let's say a unit is £5), at the end of the month you would have £300. Brilliant I say.

Another measure of success is the time spent betting, I want to spend as little time as humanly possible looking at my bet365 app or waiting for a notification (I guarantee there are people who follow many many tipsters, get multiple notifications a day, back all tips and lose money), I also guarantee at some point they would have been in profit at some point and had they just stopped for the day and turned notifications off they would be making some pocket money.

Let's look at the following scenario (Best case of course and let's not forget bets will lose). I receive 2 alerts in the morning, place a unit on each, they both win. Now I'm 2 units up for the day, took me 10 minutes. What is actually wrong with turning alerts off, shutting my betting apps down and coming back tomorrow.. I'll tell you what's wrong with that. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

Why do you need to spend the rest of the day waiting for tips, alerts, notifications or waiting for the next bet in your betting group?. I know what you are going to say too, "I don't want to miss a winner", that's the totally wrong mindset and attitude. If you worry about missing a bet, STOP BETTING. 

Everyones lifestyle and commitments are different, the alerts as an example are there to cater for everyone, to fit in with their lifestyle, some people only place pre match using our cards as have no time for in-play, or there are those who only have a couple of hours in the evening to keep an eye on notifications. DSC is there to fit in at your convenience.

Why use DSC?

Shameful plug time, but when DSC was created it wasn't because we thought we could create an edge over the bookies, it was because we wanted data in one place, that was easy to read and summarised in a user friendly way.

If you think that "Stats Cards" or "Stats Sheets" give you an edge, then you're wrong. If anyone tells you that they do, they are deluded. What they do give though is a history of how teams have been playing, occurrences and recent trends. With this we can look to predict how the outcome of the next match may go. And since DSC was started I wouldn't bet any other way.

We also have our alerts that indicate that there is a potential opportunity for an Inplay bet, geared to fit in with your lifestyle, they make profit each and every month, don't feel like you have to play them all, switch off and enjoy life. There are plenty of winners, just take your share.


In summary my points are these, making small amounts at a time is perfectly acceptable (it all adds up), missing winners is fine (Go enjoy your life) and most of all.... Just have fun

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