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Gambling Controls

Bookmakers provide gambling controls to recommend responsible gambling and allow bettors to set sensible limits on how much they spend. There is a lot of help and advice to ensure you play it safe, you just need to know where to look for it. These controls are easy to find on betting apps and websites, if you click on your account menu you should be able to navigate your way to deposit limits, time outs, self exclusion and also analytics that will tell you what times you are most likely to place a bet from how much you have been winning or losing. Take advantage of these options to stay on the safe side and to ensure you can have a sustainably enjoyable gambling experience.

Deposit limits

Set prior to placing a bet, this is a great way to be sure you will not go overboard with your spending. You can apply limitations to how much you deposit daily, weekly and monthly so think sensibly about how much you can afford to lose over those time periods, if in doubt set the bar lower. You risk losing track of your losses if you do not set limits, making it easier to slip into a gambling addiction, deposit limits is one of the softer gambling controls and is a good place to start even if you have not experienced problem gambling before.

Time outs

This is a way to ensure no further expenses for a certain period of time, during the set time you will not be able to deposit any money or place any bets with the only available function being the withdrawal of your balance. If you are struggling to keep a clear frame of mind when approaching a bet then a time out is necessary, set one in your betting app to ensure you do not go back on it, the chances are you will make more informed, sensible choices when you return. 

Another good way to control your betting habits is to use a custom time out, this means you can select a specific time in the day or a certain day in the week where you will be barred from having a punt. This can be really useful, if there is an event on the horizon that you will not be able to resist the urge to bet on, then use the custom time out to avoid falling into that trap. For example if you have been getting carried away and consistently losing on the weekend’s football or horse racing, put a time out on for Saturday and Sunday to halt that recurrence. There are typically a greater amount of fixtures at the weekend, so it can be easier for your judgment to become clouded as you are spoilt for choice.


Seriously consider self-exclusion if you are developing a gambling problem, it is an irreversible form of time out. The betting company may also try and ensure that you are blocked from creating any other accounts, you can look into this personally at gamstop.co.uk.  

For more advice check out BeGambleAware.org and feel free to contact Daily Stat Cards if you ever need to talk.

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