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One of the services we offer here at DSC are our Global Alerts, there are 6 alert types altogether.

Our alerts are available via telegram or our app (We are on the App Store and Google Play Store), whichever delivery device you use, the alerts are replicated. We offer both platforms to give you greater control over how you want to be notified when an alert is triggered.

The results from each one are tracked daily and available to view here

You can download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Late Corner Alert

In this article we are going to explain how our Late Corner alerts work and some general guidance on how to use them to make profit and build your bankroll.

How do they work?

When we send out a late corner alert there are a number of factors being considered prior to being sent, below is a sample of what we consider;

  • Previous form for late corners
  • Current game state (number of attacks, free kicks, scoreline etc)
  • How a team has historically reacted to being a goal down, a goal ahead or level late in the game
  • Number of men/women on the field (has there been a red card?)
  • Position in the table (Will a point suffice for one of the teams? they could be happy to sit back and defend the rest of the game, or does the other need the points to get into playoff spots etc)

There are many more factors each with their own weighting and logic applied, but when we send out that alert we are doing so with very good reasoning.

How should I use them?

When an alert is triggered we advise you what lines to play and offer a link to the data.

We give you 2 options, see the example below (this is via our telegram channel, we are updating our app to show the same information)

Which line you choose is up to you (feel free to compare the results of the asian line vs needing  2 corners for a win here), both are proven to be profitable.

You also have complete control over enabling and disabling these alerts, you can either mute the telegram channel or if you're using the app then you can just turn the toggle to off in the Global Alert section.

The Most Important Things To Remember

Whilst the tracking of our alerts shows that if you played every alert you will be many points in profit we actually advise against it for many reasons

  •  It's not healthy to be betting all day everyday
  •  Betting is supposed to be fun and not get in the way of everyday life
  •  Having discipline and knowing when to stop is an important factor to being successful in betting

Our alerts run from the early morning to late at night so there will always be opportunities,  we alert through this time frame because day to day life and schedules are different for everyone. The opportunity to pick up an alert is there for everybody.

Anyone who has been following us or been a member for a while will know we advocate the rule of 'quit whilst you're ahead'.

Never feel like you're missing out and never get greedy, these two factors will ruin your betting experience and more than likely your bankroll. Treat betting with respect and just have fun with it. We have all the tools in place to help you build that bankroll, theres never a need to go chasing anything.

Our DM's on Twitter are always open so if you ever have any questions or need advice then feel free to get in touch

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